GA-M55plus-S3G won't run dual-channel

memory I'm trying is crucial 2x2gb ddr2 6400-800mhz unbuffered, either stick works fine in first slot, but when both are installed, machine won't start, just long POST beeps, trying in slots 1+2, and in 3+4 as per manual instructions, but won't start, also flashed to latest beta-BIOS, wondering if that might cause issues. Also tried stepping up dram voltages to no avail. Any help or insight would be appreciated! :(
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  1. If that memory is on the QVL, then contact Crucial (I can't check it since you didn't provide a part number). They might have made modifications that make the modules incompatible with your motherboard.
  2. Part #: CT2KIT25664AA800 • DDR2 PC2-6400 • CL=6 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR2-800 • 1.8V • 256Meg x 64

    that's from Crucial's webpage, they say it's compatible. It isn't listed on Gigabyte's QVL however. What are the odds that I have a bad slot? Should 1 stick work fine in slot 2 by itself, because I've tried that, and the computer doesn't boot the same way it won't boot with the sticks in 1 and 2.
  3. If a single module works in all slots, then you don't have one that's defective.

    When you have a single module installed, what are the timings and voltage according to CPU-Z? If the timings are tighter than 6-6-6-18, try setting them manually and the install the second module.
  4. Ok, I see I could have been clearer, I tried one module by itself in slot two, and the computer won't post, just beeps like it did when I was trying both together in slots 1 and 2. Should I be able to put the module(s) in slots 1 thru 4, one at a time, and the pc should boot each time, regardless of which slot the module is in? If that's the case, then slot 2 is definately defective then, and my problem isn't with the ram. I guess I can look at the timings, but the BIOS doesn't allow me to change anything in that regard
  5. So a single module works in slots 1, 3 and 4, but not in slot 2? If so, then slot 2 is defective. Have you tried using slots 3 and 4?

    The memory clock, the CAS latency (3/4/5/6) can be adjusted in the MB Intelligent Tweaker (see section 2-7 of the manual). If need be, voltage can also be adjusted.
  6. I tried the second module in slot 3, and everything booted fine, so I have 4gb but not in dual channel mode, oh well, it's a tradeoff I guess. Hopefully not missing out on too much performance wise, but I'd rather have all the ram recognized than just half. appreciate the help, you led me to the solution.
  7. Do they work in slots 3 and 4? If so, then you'll be in dual channel mode.
  8. oddly enough, no luck with 3+4, and if I put my original 1gb module by itself in slot 2, the pc won't boot, so I guess I'll take what I can get with running the two 2gb modules in 1 and 3 and call it a day.
  9. Here's a possible scenario: the trace lengths, from one slot to the others, often 'meander' to try to keep them, at the design level, the same - however, it is seldom possible, and the 'set' of traces from one RAM slot to the MCH will vary by 'X' amount, which, of course, induces (although minute - and memory at the speeds common today relies on minutiae) differences in timing from slot to slot - that's why there are 'bank skew' adjustments in the BIOS - for people who are attempting to tune their RAM to get that last, miniscule bit out of their performance... Now, some RAM (that I know of, Crucial and Kinston, to name two...) is more sensitive to these differences, among others, and will require 'looser' latencies (or 'skew' tuning) to accomodate this problem - that's one of the reasons I always recommend mushkin or G.Skill for GB MOBOs - and this is one of the factors that is wrapped up by my often saying that "GBs simply 'like' these brands better". If you go to TweakTown , a very astute GB forum, and search memory problems, you will find, perhaps, fifty posts for Crucial, three for G.Skill, and maybe one for mushkin. These problems can be 'worked around' (again, try a thorough search at TweakTown), but the ideal cure is, once again, pre-purchase research...
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