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Hi all, when I was shopping for an upgrade to my hsf, I had some difficulty finding first hand information on fit of the bigger products. While I was able to be sure the megahalems would fit in my case, I wasn't AS sure that it would fit over my ram. So, I thought now that I have first had information I'd pass it along.

I did find a compability matrix from the noctua web site for their huge product nh14, and they claimed their unit would fit on my mobo and fit over my ram: The G.Skill ripjaws. However, the prolimatech I bought has only 40 mm clearance for the ram, while the noctua has 44mm clearance. So, my toe tapped slightly awaiting the delivery of parts.

I'm pleased to say that it worked out ok. The heatspreader on the ripjaw ram is not of a uniform height. The design has taller ribs on the ends and shorter in the middle. Mounting the prolimatech megahalems facing the top puts the heatsink itself over the ram, but only in the middle of the ram where the spreader fins are shortest. It fits fine, but the fans are now positioned so that their ram side comes in contact with the higher end spreader fin. Mounting the megahalems in the more standard way, facing rearward, the entire "push" fan comes in contact with the end fins, but the "pull" fan is totally free of interference.

The good news is the clip design for the megahalems is very forgiving. The fins design captures the fan horizontally, but the fan can slide up and down, and the clips allow it. So my push fan rides slightly high to avoid the ram, and all is good!

I also am happy to find 14C difference in temps from my old hsf, the cooler master hyper tx3 with only one thermaltake 92mm fan.

I'm now stable at 3.78ghz with vtt: 1.21; vcore 1.3 at 100% load; vpll at 1.86v - max temp during occt testing was 74C.

Previously, I couldn't safely even run this clock; I had shut testing down as soon as temps were entering the mid to high 80s. I guess, by the math, it would have topped at 88! 3.6ghz was my previous best stable oc.

My TIM is the shin-etsu X23-7783d.
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  1. Good stuff. What case do yo have ?
  2. Thanks for the reminder, I should put that in my sig...I have a Lancool PC-K60B. If anyone is wondering, this case has the coolest tool-les gizmos. On the downside, the well advertised hole in the mobo tray that was supposed to make installing a rear-bracket style hsf easy, was not centered over the cpu. Two of the fastening holes were completely unavailable. I still had to pull the mobo. Still, the ease of working with that case minimized the pain of disassembly/re-assembly.

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