Benchmarks of unlocked Phenom II X2 545 & 550?

Been looking everywhere, couldn't find any benchmarks before and after unlocking the cores. Just want to know how big a difference does it make.
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  1. It makes a huge difference in multiple core opimtized games, For tf2,I saw a slight drop and in gta4, huge boost, over 20fps boost. Cpu is pII 545
  2. On 3dmark06 I went from 3k flat cpu (AMD Phenom 550 x2, 3.8 ghz 1.41v~)
    after unlocking, 3.7 ghz 1.46v 4 cores: 5k flat

    In 3dmark vantage, 6700 to 11500~ (same specs as above). Im afraid I cannot located the pictures, I will look in my other HDD when I get home.

    The difference is there, easily visible.
    Windows 7 64 bit booting sped up by a few seconds, no FPS increase since the games I mostly play have 60 FPS limit and I havent removed that limit.
    Encoding media, and rendering videos is also much faster. Overall you can easily tell the difference when you multi-task.
  3. ^That is a good solid increase! So you guys recommend the Phenom II 545 and 550?
    Do the newer ones come with the extra cores locked or they stopped it?
    I'm planning on getting this combo
  4. 550BE .... the best 99.99$ you will ever spend....

    19k 3dmark06

  5. Unlocked Phenom II X2 benchmarks should match a Phenom II X4, is it really that hard to find a comparison between an X2 and X4?
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