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Hi everyone i joined the forums today but have known about this great site for a while and finally decided build a new cpu due to my aging desktop that lasted about 5-6years bought from future shop, but i wish i was more computer oriented back then. Well i was hoping you guys/gals would help me out with a new computer build with a budget at maybe $1500 CA but if i dont have to spend that much then free cheers for everyone :bounce:. I have also taken account that was released ha that might be also why i might be building my new desktop to celebrate:P? I appreciate everyones help thankyou.

The build i was thinking of based on using and other sites/stores near me included:

Mobo: asus m3a72-d 149.99 or biostar BIOSTAR TFORCE TA790GX 106.99 or MSI K9A2 platinum 790fx $162.49
(might plan on going with the amd phenom q9950 or maybe a intel pentium dual core not sure what version of yet E8400?)

CPU: AMD Phenom q9950 125W version $199.49 edit:(might plan on overclocking to 3ghz maybe)

Case: Antec P182 $154.95 or Cooler Master Mystqiue 632 $139.95 or Cooler Master RC-690 $81.99 or antec three hundred case $57.99 (Edit: looking for a case that will fit the ati radeon 4850 and has good cooling)

CPU Cooler:Zalman CPNS9700 $76.99 or Xigmatek HDT-S1283 $39.99 or Sunbeam core contact freezer $43.49

HDD:Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500gb 7200rpm 32mb cache $68.99 or Western Digital caviar 640gb 7200rpm 16mb cache $79.99 at local store

GPU: sapphire radeon toxic hd 4850 512mb $229.17

PSU:http:Antec true power trio tp3-650 650W $121.55 or antec ea650 650W $86.36 What the diffrence between these two?

Memory: A data ddr2 240pin ddr2 1066 $105.99 or $G.Skill ddr2 1066 118.73

Optical Drive: samsung 22x with lighscribe $28.99

Again thankyou all all for the help everyone oh forgot mention that ill be using the computer for mostly gaming, and the occasional video editing/creation. Oh for this new build i was hoping for longetivity but at a good price.
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  1. Either mobo will work. I like the Biostar mobo because it isn't an nVidia chipset and it is also the latest chipset out for AMD CPU's. So here's my recommendations:
    1) Biostar mobo w/790gx chipset, more upgrade possibilities! Might take next gen chips too, not sure yet but it is possible. Intel chips won't be upgradeable, so going with the AMD CPU/mobo "might" be a better choice.
    2) AMD 9950 CPU is a good choice. Intel e8400 is good too, but if you don't OC the AMD will be a good chip too.
    3) Stick with DDR2 800mHz RAM. Get the CAS4 stuff (4-4-4-12 speeds) and you'll be just fine.
    4) I'd go with the 640gb WD HD over the Segate, but that is just my personal choice, both will do well.
    5) Go with the CM690 case. It is cheaper and is well built too. Lots of room for upgrades. The Antec 300 is also good, but might be a bit smaller than the CM690, so you can decide which one works for you.
    6) I'd also go with the Antec EA650w PSU for $86. It has plenty of power w/45A on the 12v rails. Also has 1 x 6pin and 1 x 6+2pin PCI-e power connectors. This will allow you to power any single GPU out right now, IIRC. If you want more power than the True Power Trio has 52A on the 12v rails, so consider that when you look at your budget. I prefer the Corsair tx 650w and the Corsair tx 750w PSU's too, so look at those before you buy.
    7) The 4850 GPU is a very good card for the $ that you spend. If you want something that will last a little bit longer, I'd consider the 4870, which is about $100 USD more than the 4850.
    8) I'd only get an aftermarket cooler if you plan on OC'ing or if your wanting to run things a bit cooler and quieter. It's up to you, but the stock coolers work fine.
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  3. ah havent thought of that maybe it is a good idea stick with amd for now so in the long run i do not have to change to a different mobo just for a new intel cpu.
  4. ITaoI said:
    ah havent thought of that maybe it is a good idea stick with amd for now so in the long run i do not have to change to a different mobo just for a new intel cpu.

    It hasn't been confirmed yet that the next gen CPU's will work in AM2+ mobo's, but there has been some noise about it being possible. The Intel's won't have any upgrade path, except within the s775 crowd. You should be able to get a solid build around $800-$1200 CAD without any quality issues. If gaming is your priority than get the best GPU that you can afford at the time and that will allow you to play the latest games longer.
  5. wows just read about hybrid crossfire sounds really good and efficient :na: think this mobo might be a keeper. Just found out as of right now not all ati cards support hybrid crossfire what a bumer :( hope for future improvements though.
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