AM2 board good for overclocking x2 550?

Please help, i just purchased a new processor and graphics card, i WAS planning to oc the processor buuuuutttt EVERYTHING IS LOCKED ON MY MOTHERBOARD, i cant change anything :cry: grrrrr.....

anyways, i am looking for a good mobo for overclocking my amd x2 550 "black edition" i did get the black edition and would like to overclock it, any suggestions for an AM2+ board for me

any help would be much-ohs appreiated

thanks in advance :D
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  1. 790gx>785?
  2. ummm, specific manufacturer?

    any on there (left side)
  3. any gigabyte board with ACC, they are generally the best OCers.
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    785g chipset, with SB710, will not only be good for overclocking, but you may be able to make your 550 a B50 x4. Search "unlocking Phenom II cores" to learn more about it. I like Gigabyte, so I will link you one of them:
  5. Since you have a BE chip your primary method of overclocking will be raising the unlocked multiplier. In that light any board that allows for vcore and multiplier adjustment would be just fine. It just depends on your budget but the motherboard JofaMang suggested is pretty good. It's even an Ultra Durable Board, though it's not ideal for crossfire since the second PCI-E slot is only 4x (rather than being able to have two 8x).
  6. Best AM2+ board (IMO), has an SB750 (unlocks like a charm) and the price is not bad at all....

    790x :

    The item is discontinued though, might want to find a retailer that has the retail version (sealed).
  7. lol, Ovrclkr linked my exact mobo.

    +1 for that, its awesome. i unlocked and overclocked my 550 with ease.
  8. I have a buddy that has an x4 940 (AM2+) at 4.2Ghz using the GB 790x... It is really a superb board =)
  9. Thanks for all the help, ill go with the gigabyte ga-ma785 ud3h and hopefully i can unlock those other cores to get me a quad core :D

    Much appreciated thanks
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