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Currently I am using the Coolermaster v8 on my core i7 860 LGA1156 platform. This cooler does an okay job, but my main concern, is the massive back-plate which forces me to bend the motherboard a bit when screwing it into the case. I was thinking of getting a new cooler, that would cool my processor better, and not cause the motherboard to bend. So far my options are the Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. B and the Thermalright Venomous X. However the Scythe is a lot cheaper. What are your opinions?
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  1. Agreed, you definitely shouldn't bend the back plate. What are you other considerations? Are you fine with noise? AFAIK the Thermalright produces less noise. Not sure though, so check out the specs!
  2. The Venomous X seems to be doing quite well and Thermalright has always been amongst the top rated when it comes to cooling effectiveness.

    They also have a decent mounting system.
  3. I have the original Thermalright 120 in my emergency backup system and the brand new Thermalright Venomous X in my brand new Intel Core i7 860 system. Both are excellent cpu heatsinks that perform well.

    What I do not understand is why the V8 backplate is forcing you to bend the motherboard when screwing the board into the case. Don't the motherboard's mounting holes align with the mounting screws on the motherboard tray?
  4. I purchased a Noctua NH-U12P Special Edition SE2 for AM2, AM3, 775, 1366, 1156. It performs the same or beter than the Thermalright plus it has 2 fans and the hardware required for mounting to the 1156 board. Make sure you get the SE version as it has that hardware. I did a cost comparison and for an equivelant setup with thermal right it would be a lot more money.
  5. That noctua is 75.00$+TAX, the OP will get more or less the same results with a cheaper cooler.

    That article from anand is almost a year old.... The list has changed since then ;)
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