What are the benefits? SSD vs. HDD (Video Editing)

I have already a 2TB samsung F3 and I am on the prowl to either put 2 samsung f3 spinpoint 500gb hard drives or 2 4gb intel SSD drives. I am a total new with this SSD hard drives. I would like to know the benefits as well as the cons with the SSD and also maybe which set up is better? please let me know. Thanks
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  1. One 80GB Intel SSD is better than a RAID0 of two; it would also allow you to use TRIM if you disable RAID and use Microsoft AHCI driver in windows 7.
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    For video editing i would go for the Samsung spinpoints F3. The SSDs really shine for an OS drive and where access time matters, which is not the case with video editing where you usually deal with large files. The Spinpoints are fast enough for what you need and by going that way you will save up a lot of money and invest that to get much bigger space and/or a better CPU or extra RAM, which is what you need with video editing as well.
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