Is my PSU causing HD problems?

Hi guys, here's my current system:
Core i7 920 @ 3.0ghz
12 GB DDR3 1600mhz
Seventeam 850w PSU
3 hard disks of 1TB each
Double evga Geforce GTX 285 in SLI
Windows 7 64bits

What's been happening is that my hard drives keep making ticking noises from times to times (mostly when I try to access them), and that ticking noise usually occurs before a one to two second freeze (where I am free to move the mouse pointer). When I used Mac OSX86 on the machine the ticking noise happened, but I noticed that there was no freezing, whereas windows has a small freeze time.

Every Hard Drive that I put on that machine eventually starts having ticking noises (literally, every hard drive, and it's about 6 already). I thought that the problem was the PSU, since from times to times the screen goes black and the pc freezes when I play a game (when this happens audio works normally while everything else stops responding).

I tried so many Defrag softwares without a hint of success.

I bought another PSU that's supposed to arrive tomorrow (750w corsair), but I'm wondering if the problem really is the PSU or if it's the files that I have.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Could you post SMART output of your disks? Try HDTune and see the Health tab.
  2. I unplugged one of the HDs and hooked it on another machine, seems to be working fine so far.

    Here's the output of the remaining ones I have here:

    (I'm not sure what those warnings mean, but they sure wasn't there a while ago)

    Just to emphasize, every hard disk hooked in this computer eventually starts with the tick noise.
  3. Guys, I changed the HD sata cables and got a Corsair 750w PSU. The ticking noise seems to have stopped but the yellow warnings are still there, any thoughts?

    EDIT: maybe I have spoken too early, the ticking noise continues. Happens mainly when I'm trying to access files on the HD.
  4. SMART values look fine to me. Is it a very soft noise? It may be just normal for that type of disk.
  5. sub mesa said:
    SMART values look fine to me. Is it a very soft noise? It may be just normal for that type of disk.

    Well, it's not really soft. It's a really loud and single *TICK* noise that happens from times randomly when I'm accessing files on the HD. But there's a noise that happen before that tick noise, it's like the HD is loading up, and it freezes up the folder while the loading noise is happening (mouse pointer works fine), and when the *TICK* happens, it unfreezes.
  6. I would need audio files to determine whether this sound is abnormal. At the moment, SMART values do not indicate anything is wrong with your drive. Some drives may produce more noise than others, especially those using fluid bearings i think.

    It may be just normal..
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