Sapphire HD4670 DVI problem?

After windows boots I'm getting "No signal" on my screen when it is connected using DVI cable.
When I use old VGA analog cable via adaptor on the card port there is no problem.
My graphic card is Sapphire HD4670.
My monitor is Proview 900W FV926AFW 19" WXGA LCD (with DVI connector and 2 x VGA analog connectors).
Screen settings are 1440x900 32bit.
I'm using Vista ultimate 32bit.
The problem started only after I installed the drivers supplied with the graphic card.
Any one have a sujested solution so I can use the Digital DVI cable?
Thanks, Eran.
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  1. Try booting up with the VGA cable and ticking the "Reduce DVI frequency on high-resoulution displays" checkbox under the Digital Panel > Attributes section of the Catalyst Control Center. Then shutdown and switch back to your DVI plug.
  2. Hi Dan,
    I tryed ticking the checkbox you suggested but still the same problem.
    When I'm not in windows (Dos or MSI quick OS) the monitor works using the DVI cable but in windows after I installed the soplied dirvers it is not worinkg.
    Any advise?
  3. Any help please
  4. Same problem here, with my brand new sapphire card, hd 4670, on dvi output - monitor = samsung syncmaster 245b
    After 4 hour of pain, the solution has come.. easy as pie :| i plug out and in the power cord of monitor. voila, it`s working now.
    stupid hardware..
  5. l.e. now i see, the thread is older than Ramses ;)
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