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I just built a new system and the pagefile is taking up a rather large portion of my hard drive. My main hard drive is a 74gb raptor atm. and the page file is taking up 11gbs of space. What would be the best setting to set it at. I have 8gbs ram.
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    I think the only way you can tell for sure is to monitor swapfile usage under load and adjust its size accordingly. Every system, and every usage pattern, is different. TBH, with 8GB of RAM there shouldn't be much need for a swapfile and you should be able to get by with a fairly small one.
  2. Would setting it at 1.5gbs be to small?
  3. I usually leave 600MB swap on the main drive and system managed on a different big drive.

    If you only have one, i think with 1500MB you should be ok.
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