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I look around these lovely interwebs and all I see for case fan filters at $4-5 a piece with another $5 tacked on for shipping. I find this to be a bit unreasonable and gotta figure you pros out there have came up with some filters from more commonly used/store bought items that can keep the dust out that i so much hate. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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  1. Yeah,

    I personally dont like fan filters, but they can be made easily with pantyhose or leg stockings. Just kind wrap them around the fan and twist tie them at the end. or you could just cover one side of the fan with them and then tape them to the side of the fan

    Itl kinda look like this in the end:

  2. this may be a dumb question, but will panyhose cause static electricity in the case? and BTW, why don't you like fan filters?my antec 300 case has a spot for a side panel fan but the holes are so big i feel like it will bring in so much dust as an intake. no?
  3. Well, the truth is, i don't even really use a case. So fan filters are kinda pointless. When i did use a case however, they just seemed to tedious to have to pull them out every month and clean them off. I would much rather blow out my system every 6 months.

    The pantyhose will not cause static eleltricity because they are not rubbing against anything, and even if they do, they are grounded to the case so it wont cause any damage.
    This is what i use for a case:

  4. awesome! i guess thats one way to keep everything pretty cool huh?
  5. Yeah, it works great, Ive made some mods to it like the red rods going up and over so that i can have modular fan spacing, so that i can put a fan anywhere i want. I even took the shells off the video cards and replaced the thermal paste on them. That will lower the temps like 10-15c.

    Pic of whole build:

  6. thats awesome man.i might keep doin somethin like that in the back of my mind in the future. what is the best benefit of this caseless design? the temps?hmm...thats something i never thought of doing. I have a xfx 4890. is that something that would be possible for me to do with some AS5 I got sitting here?
  7. Sure dude, you can do it with any card.

    Just unscrew the case and replace the TIM then replace the cooler. Its a bit more effective and a bit harder with my cards because i have 9800 gx2 and there are 2 cards connected together inside one case so there are wires chaining them together.

    Should be pretty simple with a 4890 though...
    Here is a simple guide i found on taking your card apart:

    Just make sure if there are thermal pads on the ram that you leave them on and put a small (very small) amount of TIM on top of them when you screw it backtogether.
  8. yea.. i see it voids the warranty somehow?, and also i have a non reference design so it could be much different than the one pictured my design model # is zsfc
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