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Hi All,

I've just set up a raid 0 array on my Gigabyte P35 - DS3R. However, I have gained a new section on startup where the bios lists the drives in the raid array and asks if I want to enter config, and it does so very slowly.

Is there a way to remove this without disabling the RAID array?


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  1. Nope - the BIOS is (as quickly as it can) mounting the drives, and checking their file systems for consistency - this is what enables RAID1 rebuilds from the config menu... "Very slowly" is relative; I have six RAID drives on my system, and the whole thing takes, maybe, twenty seconds; what has modern media done to our attention spans that twenty seconds seems like an intolerable eternity??!!
  2. Thanks for the reply bilbat,

    Does this mean that as I start stuffing them full of data this process will take longer?
  3. Not in my experience; I have four VRs in two RAID0 pair; they only take up the first half or two-thirds of the drives, and have gone from empty to over 50% full over the last couple months of installs, and I've noticed no increase in lag time at bootup; I also have a pair of RE3s in RAID1, but I'm nowhere close to making a dent in that much space yet... I don't think it's thorough, like a CheckDisk - I think it just checks that the RAID pair, set, whatever, is mounted and the MBR (or EMBR, in my case) is coherent...
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