Abit P35-E with windows 7

I installed windows 7 on my computer, and im having issues connecting with the internet. I believe it may be the ethernet controller on my Abit P35-E mobo, i was wondering if anyone can lead to me to some drivers or some way to get it working. Thanks
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  1. Check the device manager which is in the "system" section of the control panel. If your lan driver isn't installed, it will have a mark next to it. You can try uninstalling this and other devices marked and rebooting, letting windows install them again. Sometimes this gets rid of conflicts.
  2. i tried uninstalling, but it still couldn't find/update the drivers, any other ideas?
  3. If your lan driver is loaded in the device manager, perhaps it's your internet provider software that doesn't work with windows 7. You can try using the explorer icon and reconfiguring your connection.
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