4870 For Xmas, Only x1 6-pin on Current PSU. Which should I get?

Hehe so yea. I got a 4870 hd for xmas and falsely assumed it'd just need the 1 6-pin like all my other video cards, so I need a new PSU.

Looking at a couple here, don't care much about having a single rail as it has made 0 difference in my experience.

BlueStorm II @ 70$ shipped
Has the x2 6-pins, total of 36 amps on the 12v @18 each, meets the overestimation limit of 500w on the card itself. All previous psu's have been FSP, so they kinda give me the warm fuzzies.

OCZ StealthXStream 600w @ 75$ shipped with rebate = 44.99$
Again, got the pins, 4 12v rails for ridiculous 72 amps @18 each, 600w.

and then of course the two Corsair offerings:
550vx 98$ shipped (78 ar)

650tx 100$ shipped (80 ar)

For the Corsairs, I don't see a reason to buy the 550 over the 650 with that 2 dollar difference. The 650 gives you more of pretty much everything except that 5% efficiency. However, if the BlueStorm or that OCZ are gonna do it for me, no need for me to be spending that extra $ unless someone gives me a darn good reason.

Other suggestion in the 50-100$ price range are also very welcome!

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  1. you could look into a molex to 6 pin connector if your current PSU is strong enough to power the gpu
  2. Just get a small adapter cable. No point in getting a new psu if all you need is an adapter cable.
  3. The card should have came with a adapter cable to connect two molex plugs to a single 6 pin for the card. But if you want a new PSU go with the 650 Corsair.
  4. @OP: What PSU do you have right now?
  5. ^+1 For the 650TX from Corsair, solid and very nice, long cables etc.

    An adapter if your PSU is over 550W is a better option though. I'm surprised you didn't get an adapter with your HD4870, I know every NVIDIA card I've gotten has come with 2Xmolex to 6pin.
  6. Ah my current PSU is a 450w 500w peak FSP group. Its solid on the amps, 36, but I didn't want to have an issue with underpowering it, though I suppose I could try it before I get a new one.
  7. FSP Group make good PSU's you should be right with that one as long as you dont need alot of power for the rest of your rig.
  8. PCPower is what I use.
  9. 1) If u have/get a molex adapter just get that

    2) If u have to buy a new PSU...then go Corsair. The quality of FSP, though decent, is nothing like the quality of the Corsair PSUs and for a $10 difference just go for it. Get the 650 over the 550. They are basically the same unit (both Seasonic OEM) just one has 100 more Watts. The Efficiency is great on both units. Dont use Newegg reviews/specs. Get PRO reviews (jonnyguru.com, Hard OCP, etc.)
    And i dont even want to mention the OCZ. In the Hard OCP review it failed horribly. The only good one are the Elite ones.
  10. ^True that. Don't trust Newegg reviews.
  11. Well, used the adapter and everything works fine, so I guess I can hold off at least a little longer on buying that new PSU. Currently taking a break from my Crysis marathon to say thanks :D
  12. good olde FSP Group ;)

    glad you got it
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