checking graphic card speed?

Hi, is there anyway of checking the see if the graphics card is running, because i have an hd4870x2 and i am having serious performance problems with it i.e settlers 30-35 fsp, bioshock 35-40, and crysis on high settings with no aa 30-35fps.

i have installed a program called sandra lite which gives detailed system information and when selecting motherboard details and pci express details is shows my pci express slot speed of only 5.0GB/s, which i think is meant to be over 12GB/s, or am i reading it wrong?

My specs:
asus rampage formula x48 motherboard
gigabyte hd4870x2
q6600 o.c @3.0Ghz
zalman 750w psu
3GB ram
500GB hard drive
2x 320GB personal media drives
raidmax sirius system case

p.s. i have installed all latest drivers for bios, gpu, windows updates and for the motherboard chipsets
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  1. sorry graphic card running at full speed*
  2. Well, my simple suggestion is to use a program with a built in benchmark with specific points. Like 3DMark06 or FurMark. Then post your scores here so we can judge if the performance you're getting is natural or not.
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