Memtest errors with good memory

Hello i just recently installed windows 7 right around when l4d2 came out, and since then my game has been running horribly though everything other then games is fine.. i just figured it was bugged up like many other peoples l4d2 game play, but after trying all t he odd ends to fix it i decided to use memtest to see if that would show me the problem.

Well after getting to test #3 it gets so many errors that it freezes memtest, so i thought ok problem solved ill RMA my ram and bam im good.. However while waiting for my RMA info from corsair i ran memtest on my other pc, memory is fine, so i put it in my pc and mine shows errors in every slot, so after trying to google to see what this could mean.. i have no idea, other then possibly all my dimm slots are fried/bad.

I've ran hard drive test, cpu benchmarking and memtest, though memtest has been the only thing to produce errors

My specs

Windows 7 ultimate
Gigabyte P35-ds3r w/ Intel Q4400 @ 2.4ghz
2Gb Dual Channell 1066 Corsair Dominator ram @ 5-5-5-15
2x 500gb SATA seagates
Geforce 8800gt

edit: The voltage is @2.1 and i've tried running at looser timings 6-6-6-18 with no luck
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  1. Mod please delete, was scared to do bios update at first because of the memory problems but did it anyway and all of them have seemed to disapear
  2. You did well - self-diagnosis and solved. And you are confident enough to flash the BIOS when you have to!
  3. i appreciate the kind words!
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