ASUS Rampage Formula: System won\'t post after new set of VCORE

Hi there
I have this system: ASUS Rampage Formula - Intel QX9650 - 2x1GB. PC6400 Ram
I just try to make my CPU to run in about 4ghz., but the only stabile setting i can get is 3.600 mhz. 450 mhz. Bus Speed and Multiplier x8.0. Ram is running standard speeds.
If i set the multiplier higher, the system won't be stabile unless FSB is running under 390. I need some power, but everytime i adjust the VCORE, even just a little bit or even at the standard value, my system will not post at all.
Are there anyone who has a reason for that?
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  1. Well, assuming you're using a good PSU with a high enough power rating, does this happen when you set the Vcore after the computer has been on for some time?

    I'm assuming that you're losing stability because either of power (covered by your PSU) or heat (covered by your HSF assembly).
  2. There are quite a few overclocking guides for the Asus RF, I suggest you use Google to find them.
  3. Quote:
    Ram is running standard speeds.

    What do you mean?
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