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ok, so im not really a super computer guy (im only 13) but im trying to find out how i can improve my framerate in a game. so i was comparing graphics cards and stuff when i stumbled on a problem that's confusing me... when i open catalyst control center it says my graphics adapter is an ATI X1200 series, and my directx diagnostic tool says the same thing, BUT i opened up my computer and theres a little sticker on my graphics card saying: Radeon HD 2600 PRO 512mb so i was wondering which card do i actually have? the ATI x1200 series or the Radeon HD 2600 PRO, and could you also tell me (if possible) what type of card slot is my card using (incase i buy a new one) because im having trouble telling the difference between pci, pci-express and agp. thanks in advance =D. i really want to know whether in need a better graphics card (not the case if i have the radeon HD 2600pro) or just more ram (i have 2gb) thanks again
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  1. You have a 2600 Pro, which isnt the most powerful card made. What sort of rig do you have? As thatll help determine what gpu bus you use
  2. ok, umm i dont know what this bus gpu stuff is, could you tell me how i find it out? i have an acer aspire m3100 if that helps with an AMD athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 5000+ 2.6ghz i have 1791MB ram (i have 2 1GB cards, shouldnt it be 2048mb?) if there's any other information you need, please tell me how i can find it, then ill tell you.
  3. Use this to see graphics specs:
  4. ok,
    Card Name: ATI Radeon X1200 Series
    Owner: luke Submitted: 2008-11-01 10:01:06
    Owner's Comments:
    GPU: RS690 Revision:
    Technology: 80 nm Die Size: 49 mm²
    BIOS Version: VER010. Device ID: 1002 - 791E
    Bus Interface: PCI Subvendor: Foxconn (105B)
    ROPs: 4 Shaders: 4 Pixel / 2 Vertex (DX 9.0)
    Pixel Fillrate: 0.2 GPixel/s Texture Fillrate: 0.2 GTexel/s
    Memory Type: DDR2 Bus Width: 64 bit
    Memory Size: 256 MB Bandwidth: 6.4 GB/s
    Driver: atiumdag / Vista
    GPU Clock: 57 MHz 401 MHz
    Default Clock: 400 MHz 200 MHz
    Overclock: +-86% +101%
    those are my specs, what's the best card i could get on my pc, and i see it says bus interface: pci...does that mean i cant have pci-express cards???
  5. looks like you are running on the onboard GPU instead of your card.
  6. Quote:
    rolli59 looks like you are running on the onboard GPU instead of your card.

    ok, so is that a good thing? and if not, how do i change that? (im guessing the onboard GPU is the x1200 series, but i want to use the 2600PRO)
  7. First of all you will have to hook your cable up to your dedicated card not the connector on the motherboard. Disable the onboard in bios and install your 2600pro as you are doing all of this the 2600 will run on windows default VGA drivers until you have your 2600 installed.
  8. =S which cable do i hook up to it? i didnt buy the card seperately it's always been in my computer i just dont think ive ever been using it, because ive been using the x1200 series, how do i disable it in bios? sorry if im being really annoying about this, i dont really understand it yet.
  9. Your video cable from your monitor. Enter bios and look for your video chipset and disable it, most motherboard manufacturers have you press delete on startup during post to enter bios/setup all though some use different keys.
  10. ok dude thanks for your help (: i did it and my gaming is much better thanks alot =D
  11. i actually need help with one more thing, i've decided to get an EVGA geforce 9800 GTX card (link to it)

    and it says slot space required : 2
    does that mean i need 2 pci-express x16 slots or it just takes up 2 slots of space? i read somewhere else that it does just take up 2 slots of space because it has a big fan or something but i want to make sure as i dont want to spend like $260AU on a card i cant actually use. any help will be greatly appreciated (:
  12. No, it only uses 1 pci slot, but uses 2 spaces, so youll need an open space below the pci slot. Youre probably going to need a more powerful power supply as well. If you can read the side of it, or tell us what one you have, youll want something that gets about 19 amps per 12 volt rail, on each (2) rails
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