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Yo people. So it was a regular day, found a program online and created a restore point before installing... suddenly about two hours later while surfing the interweb boom!! Internet Explorer stop responding so I think "it's not so bad... it happans timw to time" but the only differents is that the message doesn't pop up, like windows doesn't even relize it! But continuing on, I right click on the taskbar to start task manager because clicking the exit button fails the taskbar AKA explorer.exe caught the same flu as IE. So now I can touch the taskbar so Ctrl+Alt+Del is left... screen turns black as always when I do the keystoke but it stays black. So I shut off my computer. Start-up was a little more slow and worked fine before I open IE and it starts all over again. I try restoring, scanning (later with various other antivirus) nothing found, memory test (normal), and everything else like uninstalling unused programs and fixing the registry with Registry Repair. I got Startup Delayer which helped with the slow Start-up but nothing eles. But sometimes like 1/5 times my computer boots up and i perfect like before :na: but when I turn it off it happens again on the next start-up :cry: . I have an Acer Aspire 5250, 3g Ram+2g readyboost, with 64-bit windows 7. Please Help! I'm literary writing this from safe mode and hope to get that 1/5 and avoid shuting down but i'm use to turning off my computer and can't stay like this forever. And please don't tell me to reinstall windows... I already have a lot of stuff to do judging by thats it's the end of summer.

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  1. Why ask a question then tell people not to give you the best advice for the problem? Anyhow, aside from reinstalling, I would try (before reinstalling windows, of course...thats the beauty of seperate drives for data, can reinstall whenever ya feel like it) this order

    1) reset your browser to default settings and delete all cookies and temp files

    2) uninstall your browser COMPLETELY (meaning all traces) and reinstalling it

    3) repairing your windows installation

    Good luck and hope that helps
  2. update: I fixed! i got ccleaner and clean the crap out and the tech-support at future shop told me to uninstall some programs and get a new antivirus cause apparently TELUS SECURE SUCK!!! so i got avg antivius and it works like before but thanks anyways MundoDragon
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