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Hello, I'm using an onboard Nvidia RAID controller. When I changed to another OS (vista 64-bit), I installed the RAID-controller in BIOS and then the software from the CD that was included. I now get the status "degraded" on both disks. I don't notice any changes in performance but when i shut down the omputer, I get a bluescreen right before the power's cut. I'm kinda new to RAID, and I don't know how to get the disk healthy again.
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  1. Sry for the misspelling in the Thread headline.
  2. Have you tried repairing the raid in the nVidia RAID BIOS?
  3. Do you have a backup?
  4. From what little i know degraded refers to an array with a failed disk.

    I have recently had a degraded RAID 5 array, but the disk was fine... i think/hope...
  5. cscott_it said:
    Have you tried repairing the raid in the nVidia RAID BIOS?

    Is that the menu you enter with F10?
  6. Yes. After pressing F10 there should be an option to either repair or rebuild. The amount of time it will take varies.

    This would allow you to repair without data loss, assuming all of your disks are fine.
    You may want to look at tools like Hard Drive Sentinel in the future for hard drive monitoring in case one of your drives are bad.
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