Insufficient Power Supply for e8600 and Geforce 9600gt?

Hi there.

Just built a new system and having problems getting it stable.

The system has the following components:
Asrock Penryn1600-SLI LGA775, DDR2, SATA2, 7.1Snd, ATX
320Gb Samsung Spinpoint T 7200rpm 16MB Cache SATA HardDrive
Samsung SH-S223Q 22x DVD+/-R SATA LightScribe Writer - Black
512Mb GeForce 9600 GT PCI-Express VGA Card
Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33Ghz LGA775 Processor - Retail
750W 24-pin Dual Fan ATX PSU, PFC, PCI-e+2, Black
AeroCool AeroEngine Plus Black Gaming Case - No PSU
Kingston HyperX 4Gb (2x2Gb) DDR2 800MHz Dual Chan Kit

If I change out the power supply and graphics card (to a old but trustworthy 500W and a theorhetically trustworthy Geforce 6600) I can usually get XP to install on the first or second try but the system does become unstable pretty quickly thereafter. With the components listed about I get lots of random restarts or freezes with graphical corruption on the screen (weird lines of red and green in the corners and such). I got it to install windows once a couple of days ago but that eventually crashed beyond repair and I've not been successful reinstalling it with the all new components since.

The windows CD is good as I just tried it on another system.

I am beginning to wonder if the PSU is shorting or underpowered to run my graphics card and CPU. I have heard the the 12V rail ampage can be an issue but this is beyond my level of knowledge. I also wonder if maybe the PCI-E slot is in trouble as the 6600 sometimes goes black or "signal out of range" when installing windows. Going to try an old PCI graphics card now...

I've had the RAM memchecked on another system (full gambit) and it came back spotlessly clean so unless the bios hate it, I can't image the freezing or the rebooting is caused by that.

Full stats of PSU are as follows:
2 x 8cm bearing Fans
Main Pin 20+4Pins
Automatic Fan Control System
Surper Silent Design
EMI Reduction Design
Approved by UL, CSA, TUV, CB, CE, S, N,D,FI & FCC
Support Intel &AMD, Support Over Ghz Pc
Short Circuit / Over Voltage / Over Current Protection
100% Burn-In Test / Hi-Pot Test /Vibration Test / Leak Current Test
AC input Voltage: 95-132VAC or 190-264 VAC switchable
AC input Frequency:50HZ/60HZ
AC input Current:10A res max. for 115VAC, 5A res max. for 230VAC
Ripple-noise:5A res max. for 230VAC
Operation temperature:0oC ~+40oC
Hold up time :16ms
Dielectric withstand:Input to frame ground 1800VAC for 1 second
Power good signal:Power on delay time 100ms to 500ms
power fail :oC>=1ms
Overload protection :150%
Universal 20+4 Pin Main ATX Power Connector X 1
8(4+4) Pin + 12V Power Connector X 1
Peripheral Connector (4Pin for HDD, CD ROM…etc) X 8
Floppy Connector (4 Pin) X 2
PCI-Express Connector (6 Pin) X 1

Any advice would be dearly appreciated.

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  1. Silly smileys

    Power good signal: Power on delay time 100ms to 500ms
    power fail : oC>=1ms
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