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Allo everyone, I've had a dual monitor setup for awhile now and hardly ever use my second monitor for well.... anything. My main monitor is a samsung 22 inch and my second is a sharp aquos 32 inch tv. Current video card is an nvidia gtx 260 and I have an hdmi to dvi hooking up the card to the tv.

Now, is there any way that I can launch a game and have it use my second monitor (the t.v.) as a primary monitor without having to go into my display settings and make my primary monitor the t.v? I have gone through the nvidia desktop manager to see if there is anything that will allow me to do this, but I couldn't come up with anything. A friend of mine suggested trying a program called ultramon. It has a setting when you right click on the games launcher, you can customize it to open up on "second monitor." I have tried this with a few different games on my pc and none of them seem to work. I get a little blip of sorts on the second monitor but the game ultimately just starts on the primary one. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. Ya when the game starts bring it into the windowed mode and drag the window to the other screen and maximize. The game will probably default to that monitor every time you launch it.
  2. hey what's up...
    did you ever find a fix for that problem i have the same issue and I wanna play my games on my tv and use my monitor for other things i have an Nvidia Geforce GX 220 i tried looking for it in the 3d management but no good if anyone can help please....
  3. The game always use the display designated as Primary ...

    There are games (probably a bug) that use the hardware primary display (HDMI-0) not the OS designated primary display.

    Here's my setup and how i move games to the 70 inch display

    DVI/HMDI-0 is connected to my HDTV 1080P 70 inch
    DVI/HDMI-1 is connected to my LCD 1080P display.

    DVI/HDMI-1 (the second DVI/HDMI port) is what i designate in windows as primary display.

    - Doomturkey's suggestion works.. Window mode, drag, then maximize
    - There are games that starts on HDTV since its connected to my hardware primary display although DVI/HDMI-1 is designated by as primary display
    - I'm still using 4890's and GTX 280. The new generation card should have better option for this since it is design for multiple display (extended screen) setup.

    I love playing on large display 60 inch and 70 inch
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