Need help with a freezing system

Hey guys!

Built a new system a few days ago and there's a problem with it which I just can't seem to solve.

The system freezes, sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes it takes several hours.
The screen is frozen and the sound starts looping the last 0.2-ish seconds over and over again.
This problem occurs no matter what I do, be it playing games or listening to music and surfing the web.
The system has been "dummy"-oced by 25% but I don't think it's the overclock since I got the same problem running with stock settings.
All temps are normal so it's not that either.

The system specs:

PSU: 750W corair (sli approved)
CPU: E8500 @ 3.96 GHZ
RAM: 4x1 GB PC8500/1066mhz (Corsair dominator v5.1)
GRAPHICS: 2x 8800GTX in SLi
HDD: 2x 74 GB raptor (in raid 0)
OS: Vista Ultimate SP1 (fully "up to date")

My gut tells me my RAM might be the culprit. Any ideas?
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  1. Was cmos cleared?

    Was bios default loaded?

    Have you run stability tests?
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