OCZ vs Kingston (DDR2 1066)?

Hi folks,

I need some advice/thoughts on which one is better/more stable for 8GB ( 4x 2GB) setup?
Price wise they are very similar...

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  1. What CPU/mobo?
  2. Q9650 on GA-P45-UD3P with Corsair 750W PSU
    I plan to overclock...
  3. OCing with 4 sticks of RAM is a lot more difficult than with 2.

    Out of those 2, I'd probably go with Kingston.
  4. well thats personal preference , i went for 8gb of reaper , the hpc solution seems to work really well at keeping temps down. theres not alot in it between the manafacturers but i do like heatpipe solutions.
  5. I guess I'll have to go with Kingston since my CPU cooler (Thermalright IFX-14) is just above one of the memory slot... :(
    I wanted to try the OCZ reaper but with that heat pipe, it will be messing with the cooler...
    (I already have Kingstons but on 4x1GB set. Those were pretty stable on my old motherboard GA-P35-DS3R with FSB @ 450MHz)
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