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hello i have a dell inspiron 530 desktop pc it has a 750 gb seagate running vista 64 bit 300 watt ps 6 gigs of ram but when i check it it says i only have 640gb free space where did 110 gigs of the hard drive go is there anyway that i can free up some of the hard drive space i would be grateful for any help thank you rick hill
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  1. run disk clean up & delete older system restore points
    get ccleaner to remove temp files..
  2. thanks manojgj
  3. really you are only down 58 GB

    750GB hdd shows up as 698GB in windows since windows uses base 2 (1024) for conversions between B-KB-MB-GB instead of base 10 (1000) resulting in smaller looking sizes

    698-640 = 58
  4. Couple of reasons:

    1. People, for the most part, live in abase 10 world......Computers (and computer geeks) live in a base 2 world. When we buy RAM, we, still buy in chunks of

    1 GB = 1,024 MB
    2 GB = 2,048 MB
    4 GB = 4,096 GB
    6 GB = 6,144 MB
    8 GB = 8,192 MB
    12 GB = 12,288 MB
    16 GB = 16,384 MB
    24 GB = 24,576 MB

    Yet, if you bought a 24 GB Hard drive, it would only contain 24,000 MB and each MB would contain only 1000 KB's (not 1024) and each kb would only contain 1000 bytes (not 1024). Originally, for example my 1st 1 GB drive contained 1,24 real MB's.....my year 1985, 30 MB 8088 machine has 30,720 KB or 31,457,280.......not no more.....now it would be 31 MB.

    This practice was started by marketing types "back in the day" to make the consumer believe that they are getting more than they are.....competitors have no choice but to follow as, side by side, which one would peeps buy.

    This started apparently in March of 2001 and eventually led to a lawsuit. A settlement was reached with Western Digital whereby anyone who purchased a HD between March of 2001 and February 2006 was offered a cash payment as part of a settlement agreement which also included half a million in payment of court fees.

    2. Once you format a drive, the MFT takes up space

    Between the two, you lose about 7 % of the HD "advertised capacity".

    Here's more on the subject

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