Not able to see marvel raid-0 in win 7 64 bit

I have built the pc with following config:

Giagabyte GA-x58A-UD7
Intel i7 920
Seagate Baracuda 1Tb with Win7 64 bit installed
Marvel 9128 with Raid-0 using 2x1.5Tb Seagate HDD

I have the RAID set up with AHCI enabled and I can see the Virtual Drive with two configured drives in BIOS setup. But the array is not accessible for use in windows explorer or for saving my data files. Need help for resolving the issue.

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  1. You need to install the RAID driver.
  2. What does it mean? Raid drivers were installed by F6 when installing win7. OS installed on 1Tb disk (AHCI enabled) is working ok. Went into BIOS after attaching two 1.5TB disks and setup RAID-0 under Marvel controller, quick initiated it, and array was formed. Rebooted, window installed the driver (as per message on screen) and rebooted. In Device manager the Array is Listed. But window explorer/MyPC does not see this VD. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. As there was no effective solution from the members, I kept on trying various things but with no success. Finally I decided to delete the RAID and build it again using different controller on mobo. But before that I thought of trying once again, but this time using Mrvell's Tray Utility to build RAID-0, instead of going into the BIOS to build it and then while initializing the volume I did not select 'LBA' mode for MBR. That did the trick and now the Raid vol is accessible.
    I am sriting this so other members may find the info usefull. Thanks
  4. Similar problem with UD3 mobo. Installing 2 drives mirrored (4 drives total). Intel ICH raid works fine. Marvell not seen. The drives are present in BIOS and with the Tray utility. Using the tray utility, I deleted and restored the array. Only effect was that I can no longer boot. Unless, there appears to be a reasonable solution, I was going to go with your first plan. Put both arrays on Intel ICH.
    Appreciate any advice.
  5. Perhaps you were using Intel drivers while the RAID engine was created on the Marvell controller?

    If you installed windows, you should be able to look at device manager to see if it sees your RAID engine, and if a proper driver is attached.
  6. Device manager reports a Marvell Raid VD. The device driver is up to date. Under volumes, nothing appears until the populate button is pressed. It then reports the missing disk with the correct size and shows that the master boot record is on this disk. However, when I go back to Windows 7, the second Marvell controlled drive is not seen.
  7. Problem solved. Identified and formatted the drive with the disk management utility.
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