Only 11mbps off wireless router help!!??

I am connected and taking a wireless connection from my nextdoor neighbors wireless router but I'm only ever getting max 11mpbs speed no matter where I am in my house. even if i take my computer outside and stand right beside their house its still 11mbps. Is there anyway without knowing their actual linksys router password to get more then 11mbps

Ive read other places that u need the admin password for it to get onto the linksys website but i do not no what that is.

Question: How can i get more then 11mbps from there, is there anything i can change on my computer that would help?


please dont bother saying get internet in your own house, cuz we dont have ti here anymore. thanks
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  1. anyone
  2. well to me it sounds like your on a Wireless b which only goes up to 11mbps. is the router your connected to or your laptop only capable of transmitting/receiving Wireless b?

    If both can use wireless g then you need to go to your properties of you wireless card and find the setting that telling it b only and set it to either auto or g only.

    Hope this helps.
  3. alright well I no my card can do 54mbps since my wireless router I used to have at my house got 54mbps. and its a desktop computer with a zonet ZEW 1602 wireless PCI card. I no it's not "top of the line" wireless cards out there but it's okay.

    i no it'll get 54mbps so im going to download the latest driver for it cuz the driver that it came with says its not compatable with vista :S
  4. It sounds like the wireless you're taking from your neighbor's house supports 80.11b only - 11Mbps max. Even if you could get into the administrative settings of the router, it's probably not capable of going any faster; you're stuck with it.
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