720p on ati8500 from 2001

I use a pentium 4 2.4ghz with 512mb ddr and a ati8500 as a media center in my living room, its good for divx and playing old_but_still_good games, but now i want more and i want to be able to watch 720p on it without slowdowns so...what video card would you recomend taking in mind i wouldnt want to spend more than 60€ on it?

PS.: the board is a ECS with agp 4x !
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  1. im pretty sure you can play 720p now. if not, a 9600 pro should do.
  2. Youre gonna need more if you want to play HD movies. Either a very good multi-core CPU or a card with HD encoding, HD 2000/3000/4000, Nvidia 8/9/GTX. That 8500 can support the proper resolution though.

    Check out the HD 4350.
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  4. Its not me if you are wondering.
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    Well, i didnt want to upgrade the whole system, i though the pentium 4 2.4 ghz was perfect for 720p if it was cooping with a decent gpu, am i not right?

    You think a nvidia 6200 or any ati 3xxx series (agp) would do the trick?
  7. Any cheap agp hd 3x50 will do its also future proof if you wana upgrade your monitor/tv down the road. The 7 series are also good at decoding video. I saw a 7300gt once bringing down the cpu usage to zero percent while watching a dvd in media centre using vlcplayer.
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