Why doesnt my U3 smart Flash drive work in my computer?

I have a U3 smart flash drive that works perfect on my work computer, which is a Dell Deminsion (5 years old at that). But when I took the flash drive home to use in my "better" computer at home, the computer crashed. I had to manually reboot by pushing the off button. I did this 3 times, and it crashed my computer every time. Why doesn't the U3 smart drive work in my computer at home, but it does at work?
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  1. I wonder if your flash drive had a virus on it that you got from work. Im no expert. Just thought I would throw that in there?
  2. No - no virus, because it works great at work. Same operating systems - Windows XP, but more Ram and dual core at home.
  3. What components do you have? Motherboard?
  4. Dual Core, DDR 2 800, 160 GB Hard Drive.
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