Are there any tricks to get rid of micro-stutering on SLi?

Completely or partially.
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  1. yeah, not to be blunt or sound mean but ditch the SLI and find an equal or faster single card. i traded 2x 9800gt for a GTX 260 Core 216 and gained performance.
  2. Thats funny, because 8800/9800GT in SLi top any single card Nvidia offering.
  3. Not the GX2 though:) which is a single card, and has 2 PCBs that are faster than the 8800 GTs:)

    The 260 GTX might have a higher min frame rate, but it most definitely doesn't perform better. I think to reduce micro stuttering you need to lower your frame rate by increasing the amount of preloaded textures.
  4. I ment a card in a non Crossfire/SLi config. Realistic single card.
  5. there is no realistic single card lol just single GPU:):P

    Just trying to joss you relax:)
  6. overclock both card resulting in higher min fps.
  7. I have 2 8800 GTS 512 SLI wich are better than the GX2 and in some cases the GTX280. The GX2 is 2 8800 GTS 512 in sli but with lower clocks.

    The question was if there is a way to get rid of micro-stutering????
  8. Like i said increase the number of pre rendered frames from 3 to 8 or w.e you want. It should help decrease the min frame rate but at a cost to the average frame rate.
  9. Microstutering will always be with SLI, unless they can improve the scaling drivers, and games to become more friendly to the idea of sli/CrossX.

    I don't notice it at all in games with sli (with quad I did), games that run on source engine didn't really like quad and in general don't like sli.
  10. Does Vsync help too?
  11. no there is no way to get rid of it!
    even if there was a way companies would only offer it to the newer gen of cards.
  12. V sync helps but also decreases the frames alot. Depending on the game at hand.
  13. MS all depends on the power of the gpus used. As has been seen on several sites by many users, the 4870x2 has very few scenarios where MS will be detected, mainly because the gpus used are more powerful, and dont fall into the required slower fps that causes MS.

    Id do as L1qu1d said, or lower the AA/AF, or even in game features for higher fps, thus reducing the MS occurrences
  14. I have 2 8800 GTS 512 in SLI wich are fairly good gpu's.There is no MS when the game runs at 50 + FPS but when it goes under it feels like 15. With 1 GPU the game is running great even at 30 FPS.
  15. Micro stutter can be intense, or not noticeable at all, depends on the cards, and the game being plated. My 4870X2 stutters way less than my old GX2, but it is still there.
  16. It stutters less because its basically a 1 gig 4870 Vs an 8800 GTS downclocked:P
  17. Its all about fps. Keep em higher, no MS
  18. What settings in the nvidia control panel should I use to limit MS?
  19. AA/AF, any of those, Id keep low or not at all. Game optimisarions, look here , while theres many games tweaked there, itll also show you ways in which to get best perf and still maintain decent visuals
  20. How about sli rendering ,vsync ,triple buffering and other things
  21. L1qu1d answered the vsync, as for the tri buffering, people says it helps, but not much. Id go for the game opts , as theyll allow for less stress on your gpus, and allow them to give you the fps thatll help prevent MS.
  22. agreed^
  23. Triple buffering doesn't really help, but increasing number of pre-rendered frames does. There's actually a difference between the two. :p

    Aside from that, faster cpu and full pciex16 helps. Same cards microstutter more on slower cpus. Frames also don't sync when pcie is bottlenecked. I've heard that increase monitor refresh rate helps, but not sure about that.
  24. I have 2 PCI-e 2.0 ports at x16 x16 and I don't think my E8400 at 3.6 GHZ is a
  25. I realize this thread is a little over a year old but I felt it very worthy of the "bump" to mention I kicked my pre-rendered frames up to 5 from 3 and it smoothed out my MS issues phenomenally. There is a slight hint of the stuttering very very rarely but other than that it has really answered the issue. I have also not seen any decrease of any sort in fps.

    Oh and on certain games I turn v-sync on and others I turn it off, and it has not made any difference on the micro stuttering. Dual gpu's ftw!
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