Could it be???

i bought a re-condition msi p7n sli platinum mobo for my first system build all my other components i bought brand new, however i first installed w7 64 bit and experiance freezes all the time and couldnt even get through 3mins of an occt test, i then installed x86 version and was able to do the tests i needed to do and all was ok, but im still experiancing random freezes sometimes in the middle of a movie or playing civilization or when im 80% of the way through converting some holiday movies to dvd, how annoying that is. the question is could it be the motherboard that might be causing these random freezes to occur? can i fix it if it is? or what better mobo's do you recommend as a replacement? it only has 4 sata ports and 4 onboard usb ports and i didnt find it very easy to overclock as i am quite new to this proccess.

system specs:

q9550 2.83 ghz cpu
msi p7n sli platinum
ocz sli ready 800mhz ddr2
2x xfx gts 250 gpu
700w sli psu
2x 1tb hdd
blu ray writer
dvd rom drive
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  1. Have you updated the Bios? Your PC will not funtion correctly unless you update the Bios to the latest version. Your board is also discontinued so make sure you update with all the necessary drivers as well.

    MSI :
  2. When you update the BIOS, update it from a bootable floppy or CD. Do not try to update the BIOS from Windows, especially if the system is as unstable as you say it is. Follow the directions exactly.

    I would also recommend removing the SLI drivers and one video card before you try. You do not want the system to freeze during the update process. I also recommend flashing the BIOS late at night if you do not have a UPS. Power grid seems a little more stable.

    Last, what kind of PSU?
  3. im using an ocz mod x stream pro 700w sli ready psu, i dont have the disks your talking about it was reconditioned and all i got was the board and cables, i'll be playing a game like civilization or football manager, not the most demanding games and it will freeze, I only payed $70 for it including the shipping from the states so i think im just going to go get a striker 2 extreme 790i ultra and see how that goes, but for now its keep with this for another month
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