Overclocking help. Q9550 + 750i FTW

Currently I have my cpu stable at 3.4GHz. Obviously though, I wantz more gigahertz :bounce: . I have tried going to 3.8 with no success.

Currently I am at

vcore: AUTO - 1.35 (kept screwing around with it and for the hell of it i tried AUTO and it has worked perfectly at 3.4)
FSB: 1.4
vRAM 1.8
nForce SPP: 1.5
NF200: AUTO (default, 1.2)

I would really love to manage 3.8, temps are not an issue, it is the fact prime95 peters out when testing for 3.8. This is what I have been doing. Lowering my multiplier to where I know my CPU runs stable, raising my FSB to (1800 for 3.825) Then running a blend test, which usually fails (freezing or error).

WAs wondering on any suggestions? I hear that it is fatal to raise the FSB voltage on a 45nm chip above 1.4, is this correct?
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  1. I tried getting mine up to 3.6Ghz and kept hitting a wall.

    It's perfectly stable and happy at 3.5Ghz and my NB voltage is just 1.28V with vCore at 1.31V.

    Where it gets a bit confusing is that different mfg's use different terms in the BIOS so I wouldn't know how what helped me translates to your equipment but in the end what got me stabilized was playing with DRAM Clock driving strength and DLL skew in the BIOS.
  2. I can run my Q9550 (C3 stepping :( ) at 3.6 GHz., Prime95 stable for 24 hours. It 'll boot at 3.8, but P95 fails practically instantaneously.

    Intel's recommended max vcore is 1.3625 volts. I think Intel's absolute max is 1.45 volts.

    I don't run over Intel's recommended max voltage. In my case I ran out of voltage (1.3625 volts) before I ran out of temperature (load temps 58 - 61 C), Antec 900 case and TRUE/Scythe S-Flex SFF21-F HSF.
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  3. I agree with jsc totally in not exceeding Intel's recommended max voltage. It's not a good idea to do that with these processors.

    @jsc........... sounds a lot like my experience too as I can boot at 3.8GHz but I simply couldn't get it to pass any tests there.

    I also don't want to see my temps go any higher than they are so I'm content where I am.

    The way I view it I'm getting 700MHz that I didn't pay for so I'm happy. :)
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