case temp too hot

I know the CPU target is 140f, but I wanted to know how close to this target can I allow.
i.e. Should I panic @ 130f....135...138...
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  1. celcius is the way of the future anyway, that is quite high, do you have it overclocked or anything, is your heatsink fan seated right?
  2. I did not buy this product yet, But the default setting is 60 c / 140 f, It will go down to 10 c / 50 f, on this setting. But I did not know how close I should allow the case to get before I panic. After I buy this product I can test to see what the case temp is...then add more fan(s) as needed. But I will still have this same quesion. How hot can the case get before I panic.
  3. um i think that about 40C is the upper limit of normal pretty much nothing i have gets above that hot except under heavy load
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