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Dual Channel on Asus M2n sli

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February 2, 2009 5:19:48 PM

First off hi all im new to the forum,

Right quick question ive been trying to find out if running my pc on dual channel would help at all, i have an asus m2n sli motherboard and 2 sticks of 1 gig corsair 6400 but at the moment they are in slots a1 and a2 which is single channel but ive been browsing the web earlier today to see if there is actually any benifit in actually swapping it to dual channel mode.

Most of the info ive read points to no but then most of the info ive been reading reffers to socket A, which basicly says that dual channel is pointless because the limiting factor is the cpu bus speed, does the same apply for the AM2 systems?

If it dosnt would it be worth my while changing to dual channel?

February 6, 2009 11:46:33 AM

There is a small advantage with dual channel.
Do you have a Phenom and is it in ganged or unganged mode?
February 9, 2009 10:56:46 AM

Hiya thanks for the reply no i have an x2 dual core cpu have no idea what ganged and ungaged means but will look it up :) 

I didnt mention this before but the main reason i was thinking of using the dual channel mode is because i play alot of games and thought it might help but from what i read just before i was going to try it is there is hardly any real life benifit from doing so, so just thought id ask :) 

April 21, 2012 7:20:05 PM

The M2n SLI

Worked out the door with the AMD-Quad Core Opteron 1354 Budapest.

1) I think the main issue is it reverting to single channle and is this due to incompatible hardware not SUPPORTED OFFICIALLY. Like Generic ram or CPU. 2GB sticks May need custom latnecys, likely the issue is also OVERCLOCKING is something I do 20Mhz FSB, so nothing crazy.


Wow im only doing three Un-Officially Supported things ?