Which is a better configuration????

Which configuration would be faster given all other variable are constant:

(1) CPU 3.36 Ghz i7 920 + 12 Gb Memory running at 1250 Ghz (9-9-9-28)


(2) CPU 2.80 Ghz i7 920 + 12 Gb Memory running at 1600 Ghz?? (8-8-8-24)
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    edit: Ok I noticed the mhz difference in the compariosn. The top computer running at 3.36 is faster. Memory speed as I tried to state does not give the performance difference cpu speed does.

    Lower timing numbers = faster
    So higher speed and lower latencie settings will = faster

    Usually the timings would be the other way around, thats how it is with my ocz ram
    I can run cas 7 at 1333 and below
    above that
    To run 1600 I need to run 9-9-9-30 : You can use everest memory and cache benchmark, alot of test sites do.
    Realistically you may not feel the differences. But its all subjective
    different memory latencies 1600mhz ram
  2. I think to some extent that comes down to what your main use of the computer is.

    That naturally varies from person to person.

    For me as a distributed computing cruncher the productivity of my equipment is far more tied to CPU speed than it is memory so for me option one would be better.
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