Storage hard drive is half dead?

Hello i brought a brand new computer it was running fine without any issue but somethings came up today i tried to clean up my computer by blowing the dust out and i pull off the IDE cable cause i dont need it anyway now when i try to power On my computer it sudden stop and showing some error like "Error reading disk press ctrl+alt+del to restart" i check the bios but the hard disk on SATA2 location was present as well as my hard disk name i tried reformatting/reinstalling the OS using USB method (as usual) but the problem is after the Windows 7(what am using) loads it freezes it seems like it didn't take me to desktop or installing section..anyone knows whats going on here?


my hard disk is just dead its not present in BIOS closing this thread
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  1. just unplug all the cables and reconnect it correctly, it may be some loose conduct ..
  2. I agree. You likely blew an already loose connection.
    Blow out your computer when it is OFF!
  3. No not yet try the basic troubleshooting first. Disconnect all hard disk connectors including the optical drives, now connect one drive at a time then check your BIOS, the one which thats not detect is dead - replace it.
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