Overclocking an intel E5300 2.66GHZ

well so far ive:
raised the cpu voltage
set the ddr3 ram to auto
and raised the cpu to 3.25ghz, which brings the 800mhz FSB on the cpu upto arounk 1000mhz but i want to reach the full 1333mhz or get closer to it

the cpu @ 3.25ghz runs fine at a nice 35.0°C with a gigabyte rocket cooler 2
motherboard is an intel DP45SG(extreme series)
ram is ddr3-1333 (2x2gb sticks)

so what does everyone think i should do?
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  1. This thread is based on a Gigabyte motherboard and DDR2 memory:

    I think you will need to change your RAM settings. I am not familiar with how DDR3 RAM acts on a Core2 platform. But I suspect that you are overclocking your RAM and that is limiting your CPU overclock.
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