AMD 6000+ x2 64 overclock without change volts

Ok people first i know alot of people have asked how do i overclock a 6000+. But my Question is
I have a Gigabyte M61PME-S2P with 4GB Ram & a AMD 6000+ x2 64 @ stock 3ghz with Stock Cooler.
I want to overclock but my Mobo wont let me change any volts in the Bios. has anyone ever overclocked this processor without changing the volts?
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  1. I got 100 mhz out of mine with no voltage bump...
  2. i was hoping for alittle more then 100mhz, lol. I'm planning on upgrading to a Processor AMD Phenom™ II X4 Model 955 & want to overclock if i can without getting a new mobo. ive only had this mobo for about 1 month.
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    Ack. Well, those motherboards aren't really meant for overclocking. It's always good to research boards beforehand, but hey live and learn :D

    Anyway, I take it you have the Windsor chip rather than the Brisbane. At best you may get 200 MHz out of that before you need to raise the voltage, but that's only if your sample is really good and just missed qualifying to be a 6400+. Phenom II chips are more forgiving and you can actually get a decent overclock with the the stock voltage.
  4. nice thanks. At the time i needed a new mobo and the shop i goto didnt have a good AM3 mobo so i got a cheap one. When i get the Phenom II x4 955 i dont think i will need to overclock. Thanks for your time Guys :)
  5. Well, my 955 is decent at stock so far. I haven't had to overclock it yet, but then I'm still playing Ghost Busters and I haven't even opened the Mass Effect I got for Christmas. Hey, I've been busy, and oblivion sucks alot of gaming time :D. Anyway, yeah I don't need to overclock the CPU right now with my two overclocked 3850s, but I'll definitely clock it higher once I upgrade my GPU.

    So yeah, I'm sure the 955 will be fine for you at stock speeds. If it's not, You could probably get it to 3.6 at least even with that motherboard and no vcore increase ^_^
  6. Well with all the games i have including Crysis, Crysis Warhead, even Left 4 Dead 2, & many others all the games still work great with my dual core 6000+ @3ghz, 4GB Ram, & 9600GT 512mb OC. Its a budget PC but it runs great
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