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I have a 17" CRT monitor on Ati 4850 and I want to run the desktop(Vista) at 1280x768 @ 85 Hz (since this is the max res at 85Hz on my monitor). The problem is this Res is not 4:3. The games run fine at 4:3 on 1280x768 @ 85 Hz. So is there someway I can force 4:3 on this res. by Ati CCC (v8.51) or any other way?
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  1. 1280x1024 is 4:3 and that should be highest res. And usually the highest res works only on 60hz and forcing it higher is going to damage the screen.
  2. Thanx for quick reply.
    I know 1280x1024 is 4:3 but thats hten 60 Hz. I want min 85Hz for which 1280x768 is max res SO "I want to force 4:3 on 1280x768 like games can as desktop res".
  3. ok - some slight math errors in the above - which i can't help pointing out... :)

    - 1280x1024 is 3:2 (1.25:1)
    - 1280x960 is 4:3 (1.33:1)
    - 1280x768 is 16:10 (1.67:1 - rounded up from 1.66666666...... etc )
    - and 1280x720 is 16:9 (1.78:1 - rounded up from 1.777777777 .... etc )

    -If you can only go up to 1280x768 then you'll have to step down to 1152x864 for your next highest 4:3 ratio.
  4. Perhaps u misunderstood. All I want is to somehow Force Aspect Ratio 4:3 at 1280x768 (like the games do), for desktop.
    I can set res to 1280x1024(@60Hz), 1280x960(@70hz max), 1152x864(@75Hz max), but I feel uncomfortable at refresh rates lower than 85Hz.
    The Monitor supports 1280x768 @ 85Hz which is max res at 85Hz.
  5. well someone help me !!
  6. @ dojosmasher,
    1280x1024=5:4 and 1280x768=5:3 Thats what the 3 screen resolution guides i just checked to be sure i was posting correct info say anyway.

    @ jawwadshaukat,

    Not sure if it will work the way you want it to by which i mean forcing a resolution on a display may not mean it has the same properties. It may still only let you run at 60 MHZ.
    Anyway. Open teh Catalyst Control Centre, you need it in advanced mode. From the list on the left select Displays manager. At the bottom you will see options for screen area, color and refresh rate. below that is the FORCE button. Pressing this will give you a list of options to force onto the display. Im thinking at this point that you really only need to force the refresh rate up to 85.

    Mactronix :)
  7. Let me make it clear again:
    I don't want to force resolution ! I can & am running Vista at 1280x768 @ 85Hz, but since this is not a 4:3 res so it looks stretched. I want it to "Not Look Stretched" and look like native 4:3.
    The games I play can force 4:3 at 1280x768 @85Hz easily on fullscreen w/o any black borders just like if i use 1024x768 and work w/o problem.
  8. 1280x768 is not 4:3 and never can be, its a widescreen resolution, games cannot make it 4:3. Just run in 1280x960/1152x864 as they are actually 4:3 and live with the lower refresh rate or go with lower resolution 1024x768 @85hz.
  9. Well im confused now, i have told you where the settings for forcing things are in the CCC. i thought you wanted the refresh rate up at 85 which is why i posted "Im thinking at this point that you really only need to force the refresh rate up to 85." at the end of the explanation. I mean that is what you said.

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