Q6600 with new heatsink temp shot up to 51C in 5 mins using memtest

I have just installed a new heatsing (scythe zipang) with as5 thermal paste. Just to test the temp i thought it'd be clever for me to use prime95 to test the temp and stress the cpu. The temperature of the cpu (measured using coretemp) went up to 51 degrees on core0 within five mins. That cant be good? Have i not installed the heatsink properly? is it the paste or is it just a **** heatsink?

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  1. also the heatsink has a 3 pin plug that wouldnt fit onto my 4 pin cpu fan header, so i decided just to use the system fan header instead .....is that a no no?
  2. 51 C on a core at full load is good for a Q6600.
    My QX6700 Idles at 50 C and goes up to 65 C under load. Anything less than 70 C is good.

    3 Pin plug on the heat sink fan will fit on a 4 pin CPU fan connector. The tab that locks the plug will guide you to which 3 pins should be connected.
  3. If 51C is your 100% load temp, you're doing fine.
  4. AS5 has a "cure time" so the load temps should drop over the next week or so.
    Q6600 @ stock? Going to overclock in the future?
    The Zipang is an ultra low noise HSF but the ~50C temps are nothing to be concerned about.
    Use the CPU fan header.
  5. but my only concern is that it took 5 minutes to hit that ....
  6. Ultimately, to get your highest CPU temps under 100% load, it can take 5-10 minutes. But you should get pretty darn close to your max temps within 2 minutes or so.

    If you open up your temp monitoring program, and look at your idle temp, then hit Start on Prime95, you should see your temps jump upward very quickly. By 5 minutes they should level out and be pretty consistent.

    And as WR2 mentioned, the AS5 does need time to "Cure". So over the next couple weeks your maximum temperatures @ 100% CPU load should drop a little bit.
  7. id use the cpu fan header but its 4 pin and the heatsink connector is a 3 pin . my mobo is an ep35-ds3l
  8. If you simply cannot get the connector to go on, try finding one of the 3pin case fan connectors. It won't allow the motherboard to automatically adjust fan speeds based on CPU temp... however you can go into the BIOS and manually set that "case fan" (which is now your CPU fan) to 100% and just leave it there. :)
  9. im currently using a system fan header for the hs and im down one rear fan :D
  10. just another thing when i go into bios and check pc health, the cpu is @27C
    and my system temp is at 38. Now when i run coretemp my temp's for the various cores are eg 35 34 33 26. Is the coretemp inaccurate or do the cores heat up in the windows environment. Also is the system temp supposed to be higher than the cpu temp?
  11. BIOS temp is never accurate. Also im not sure you are understanding the above advice, the 3pin fan plug WILL fit in the 4pin CPU fan header on the motherboard. You just need to put it where the clip is.
  12. you should test it out with the OCCT
    www.ocbase.com/perestroika_en/ ;)

    anyway...in my q6600 (g0) i get 28ºc to 31cº in cores temp idle...and 48ºc to 53ºc in 100% use. Those values in a 2 hour test. I have a ocz ventetta2 cooler, with ocz freeze extreme compound, all wrapped in a coolermaster cosmos case.

    So i guess your temperatures are not bad :) just worry if you get near 70ºc :o
  13. forgot.... q6600 @ 3.0 mhz
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