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ive finaly decided to jump ship from air to water and i was wandering if somone can tell me if thei system will suffice for what i have.

i have this case

i have the phenom 2 720 i was running it at 3.6 but it some how fried my ram not sure how it happen tho but it sure as hell aint gonna stop me from doing again. i guess what iw anna know is there anythign else i would ahve to buy with that kit is my case gonna be able to handle all that. and some suggestions for the loop. and will this set up beable to handle the cpu plus the gpu or 2 in the future or would i have to upgrade the rad. all suggestions are welcomed. oh yeah one more thing how do i fill the loop once its together. sorry for beign a noob but ive researched this stuff all this for liek the past week with very very very little progress so please help me, i feel like my heads gonna explode to much info on all this stuff lol. :heink:
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  1. Pump- God

    Rad - Good

    CPU Block - Average

    Coolant (Feser stuff) - Cr@p. ALWAYS run Distilled + PTNuke/Killcoils.

    Tubing - Good

    Overall, good kit esp. for the price and except for the coolant, it's a good choice for a Phenom II.

    If you get the D5, get the micro res top for it makes it much easier to use than a T line imo.

    As for basic questions like filling the loop,etc read Conumdrum's guide on this section.

    As for case, I have no idea. Possible modding may be needed.
  2. TDX, it's decent, but I went from the TDX to the D-tek v2 and saw a decent improvement in temps. Either way, its not a horrible block (the multicore version is better than the outdated, single core block it replaced ) but I am not impressed with the barbs they included from DD. I would check into some Fatboys or some high-flow barbs.
  3. +1 on the Fatboys.
  4. ok thanks you guys i basickly just wanted to know if this is a good starter kit. about the fluid im not sure what to get so can someon please give me some links ive been reading the guide on here and at the other websites but its still to much
    or hell if ya really wanna be nice and help me can ya make ame a decent loop for 250 and under thanks appiciate it :D
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    Hmm, the link at the top has so many resources and forums, guides etc. I'm sure one of them talks about liquid.

    It took me THREE MONTHS of learning before I bought my first watercooling part.

    Distilled water and a Petras ianh silver killcoil, or a teeny bottle of Petras PHN Nuke is all a modern loop needs.

    Building a loop?

    Under $250? Buy this. Basic, great parts.

    That DD kit is outdated and doesn't have enuff rad to keep your CPU cool.

    You want to start cooling GPUs too? Thgen you'll need MUCH more rad, and each watercooled GPU will set you back $80 minimum. Not taking into account you might need TWO fully seperate loops meaning TWO pumps etc etc.

    Like this: Easily over $700 in watercooling parts.

    That DD kit is outdated and doesn't have enuff rad to keep your CPU cool.
  6. nice setup Conumdrum. is the swift tech bundle up gradeable does it come with everythign i need and thank you all for helping me out
  7. Yes, all you need for a CPU loop. Your running an AMD, so you might need to order the free backplate for the CPU block.

    Yes it's upgradable. The rad is quality as is the pump. You start adding lots more stuff you might need more/better pumps, more rads etc. It's a great beginning.
  8. well thank you very very much now i know what im getting with my taxes lol
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  10. Quote:

    Under $250? Buy this. Basic, great parts. [...] -c-58.html

    Nice. Thanks for the linky.
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