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Hey everyone, my first post on a computing forum, woo! I have a couple of questions, I have done as much research as I can, but have a few direct situations that I would like confirmation. thanks.

1) Main problem is/was, when overclocking my e6750 (stock; 333x8 2.66ghz) on my g31m es2l past a fsb of 350mhz, it reboots and loads stock settings. I CAN clock up to 350mhz, it is jus after that, even 355 will not boot. I tried playing with C1E, EIST, Ram, CPU Voltage, nothing worked. The PSU would shut completely off after trying a fsb over 350, so I assumed this may be the problem. To check this, I unplugged my DVD-RW so there would be less watts being drawn, and sure enough, I have now clocked the fsb to375 and seems stable. Does this indicate my PSU is weak?

2) I am using a cheapo Akasa 956 I think fan that came on my e2180. With my FSB at 375mhz to give 3.0ghz over the stock 2.66ghz my idle temp is between 32 and 36, and whilst playing GTA 4 for 10 mins it reached a max of 58. I will get a Freezer 7 within a couple weeks. Am I correct in thinking as long as my temps dont get too high, I will be ok with HSF until I get a better one. CPUZ shows a Vcore of 1.392 (auto in bios) if that helps.
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  1. 1) Sounds like your PSU is unable to give your CPU the juice it needs when you go over a certain FSB, Usually its a motherboard limitation, but this sounds like your PSU isn't good enough.

    2) You should check that your overclock on your CPU is stable by running a program called Prime95 for atleast 8 hours, make sure to always monitor your temps with a program like Real-temp. Playing GTA4 for 10Mins, does not mean its stable. Don't let the temps exceed 65C

    Lastly I would suggest you read up on how to overclock, theres some great guides at the top of this section, called something like "C2D/C2Q Overclocking guide".
    I recommend you set the voltages yourself as the BIOS tends to set them higher than needed which will result in higher temps.
  2. Thanks, the 10 mins of gta wasnt meant to say its stable, but as that was the first time it booted over 350mhz and I was writing the post, I used GTA to put some load on the cpu and see what temps it would get. Yea I read that guide, and I will d/l Prime95, its just finding time that I done use the pc to run it lol.
  3. What kind of PSU? It's unlikely that unplugging the DVD drive had that kind of effect. If it is sitting in the computer, not being used, it's not pulling more than 5 watts or so, and nothing off the 12 volt rail.

    There's a very good chance that your motherboard is the limiting factor. The G31/G41 motherboards are economy models that were designed for CPU's with 200, 266 and 333 MHz FSB freqs. They do not have the same OC headroom that the P45's do.

    The Gigabyte G31/G41 boards do very well with CPU's with a relatively low FSB and high internal multipliers, such as the E5200. They do pretty well with chips with the 266 MHz FSB.

    In addition to the generic guide that omgitzfatal posted, here's a G'byte guide that might help:
    Shadow's Gigabyte motherboard OC guide:
    It's for an EP35-DS3L but all the Gigabyte Core2 BIOS's are similar.

    Here's a thread that I posted earlier this evening. (I'm in Saudi Arabia at GMT + 3. :)):

    It shows what can be done with an E5200 - even if it is not a particularly good sample.
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