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what causes ntfs errors
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  1. heavily used HDD's, simultaneous file processioning like that

    defragmentation also helps to reduce file system errors
    to fix this
    go to properties of your drive & select tools->click check now in error checking & select the 2 check boxes that in pop up window..
  2. its happened on 2 hard drives, they have other problems besides that, so i'm getting replacements, but i have 2 other hard drives that have had more use than these two, but to my knowlage never have an error once.
  3. file system errors are common & windows will automatically fix it while starting up the system most of the time..

    there's nothing to discuss whether you have it or not..
  4. so its a common and relivly minor problem than?
  5. its common, but not a minor problem if you high sensitive business datas in that drive
  6. so data gets screwed with?
  7. that why RAID is deployed in business environment..
  8. that why RAID is deployed in business environment..
  9. i have a question, what is the direct cause of it? is this a spinning disk only error or does it also effect ssd drives?
  10. it a mechanical device & it get malfunction some time.. no one can produce an device to work until we retire it from the work

    ssd also have limits ..manufacture have mentioned it on their products like 10000 cycles of lifespan like that

  11. well yea, i know that an ssd has a life span of 1000 so writes, but for an 80gb intel drive, you could rewrite it with 100gb a day, and the drive would still run for 5 years, or at lest they say.

    and the way you just said it made it sound like its a sector error that causes it. there are no more bad sectors now as there were last time i checked.

    i still don't get the reason why it happens.
  12. lol, this brings me back

    i found out the reasons why that crap was happening.

    one was a bad sata cable. it has other problems too, but nothing severe. still got a replacement
    the other one was on the verge of click of deathing, and it did, but i managed to get it to work long enough to data off of it.
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