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I'm Currently Looking at building a new system and am having trouble on decideing on a motherboard. I want to build a system using the X48 chipset. I just dont know what brand of motherboard to buy.... Im not an overclocker... I dont even know how.....I was always taught not to overclock but now it seems like every ones dooing it... apparently every one has enough money now to buy a new pocessor or mobo if they fry it...... anny way Does any one have a suggestion on what brand might be the best for me(Intel, Asus, Ggygabite, Asrock, Dfi, etc..) Im not looking to buy a cheep thing.... I jsut want something that will give me really good performance and not be junk......
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  1. well to answer a couple questions no many would be in bad shape if we fried our cpu which is why we are careful when over clocking, for the other it seems that both asus, dfi, and gigabyte have good boards people dont generally go for intel boards, generally the cheapest that has all the features that we want from one of those brads is what we go for
  2. If you want affordable, look into Biostar.
  3. hummm So basically it comes down to Asus, Dfi and Gygabite and which of those has the best features and Reviews and the time...... Its all on what you want Right?.... Im not much of an Over Clocker but I still like to have a good quality board..... Actually today I was throwing ideas with the guys at the Computer store and I think I may lean towards one o the Asus P5E.....Models there's 3 different ones, P5E Deluxe and Premium, and the P5E64ws Evolution(don't know much about this board haven't read any reviews on it.....)
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