Motherboard killing keyboards?

My dad's computer seems to be having a lot of problems lately. I've already changed the keyboard, then changed the power supply and now the brand new keyboard is completely dead again. Won't work in any machines but his computer plugged into my kvm works fine. I've checked teh board and I don't seem any obvious capacitors burst or any marks on the board.

Wondering if the board could be killing keyboards and also maybe the reason the power supply died as well? He's had it for 5-6 years and hasnt used it a whole lot. Maybe once a week if he's lucky.

Never seen something like this before, is it also possible it'll kill my kvm ?
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  1. PS/2 keyboards are not hot-swappable.
    Disconnecting a device that is not hot-swappable while the computer is on will cause the device to stop working or not work and can also cause physical damage to the computer and/or the device being disconnected.
  2. What's hot-swappable or can be unplugged while computer is on?
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