What is the average transfer rate of Flash memories

Hello, what is the average transfer rate of Flash memories
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  1. it may be arround 10 to 20 mb write &30 to 40 mb read speed

    it not the same for every model, get this tool & check it for your drive

    link for benchmarks of various models
  2. actually i bought the Sandisk Slice and the average speed is 2.5 write, is this normal or the flash is defected?
  3. what does it mean ???? 2.5???????
  4. LOL, sorry, i meant 2.5 mb/s
  5. There's a big difference between transfer rates depending on *what* type of flash memory you're talking about. USB flash drives typically have fairly slow transfer rates because they use only 1 or two chips. SSDs (Solid State Drives) usually have several chips that are read or written in parallel which boosts transfer rates considerably.
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