MSI 870A-G55 startup problems

Just assembled a new system. MSI MB, AMD Phenom II x4 3.2, MSI R5670, 4G AData. Everything spins and comes on line, but can get past "start windows normally" window. One Hundred successive reboots trying to find the key ion the bios. Nothing. While this is a new system, I am attempting to start up on 8G WD HD with a clean copy of XP SP2 on it. I've been frustrated in the past, but I've never been beaten down this... Anyone have a clue what the problem is? Thanks!
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  1. Is it shutting down abnormally? When you get to the desktop, check the event viewer, to see if it's logging errors. It may be crashing when you shut it down, causing the 'start windows normally' message on the next start.
  2. Sorry, Aford, but I cannot acheive getting to the desktop. It always reboots after I select any of the five options on the "start windows normally" screen.
  3. If the computer won't start, how did the hard disk get Windows XP on it? Did it run long enough to install Windows but now won't boot?
  4. Hey Ijack, thanks for asking. I built a nice system for my wife on this chassis 10 years ago (MSI Turbo2 MB, AMD Socket A 1700, all Antec, etc) but the single-core processor cannot keep pace with the new quads - the only reason to rebuild. About 2 years ago, I decided to install a backup HD (WD 80G IDE) with legal XP and Office. It sat idling, though unused for these past 2 years. This is the HD I am trying to start up on in this new system (MSI 870A-55 MB, AMD Phenom II x4, MSI 5670 Graphics Card). The system goes through POST just fine - everything lights up and spins, but the screen after the POST screen says HD not detected, then I go immediately to a screen with the 5 options of "start in fail safe, start windows normally, etc). Once I hit enter, the system rePOSTs. I cannot seem to move past this cycle of events.
  5. Is it an IDE drive? If yes, check your jumper settings.
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    I'm not convinced that an XP installed on one system will necessarily boot on a different system. Do you have an XP CD? If so you might try a repair install.
  7. ijack is correct....If it's a previous windows install on new hardware, it may require a repair install. Here's a good guide on how to do that.
  8. Yes, Aford, both you and Ijack were correct. While I do not understand why the hard drive performed wonderfully yesterday in its original chassis, it did require a "repair" to work today in its new chassis. With the revalidation requirement, I am suspecting it to be some sort of anti-theft device written inot the software. I am just finishing the updates now. Thank you (and Ijack, as well) for the questions that made me think deeply enough to find the solution. I'll be keeping Tom's forum in my favorites from here on out.
  9. Before I leave (for now), I'd like to give both of you the "best answer" award, but since I figure I can only give it to one of you, and Aford suggests Ijack got it correctly first - the award will go to Ijack this time. Thanks, peeps!
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  11. No worries, ijack provided sound advice, and deserved the best answer. Glad it helped solve your issue. :)
  12. It's not an anti-theft device, Robert, it's just a question of drivers - specifically drivers for the hard disk controller. Your original install installed drivers for the original motherboard which did not work with the new one. That works until Windows starts loading (until then the BIOS routines are used to read the disk). But then it switches over to the Windows drivers and suddenly the hard disk disappears....
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