Newbie: Overclocking Q6600 advice

I'm interested with building a system with the following specs:

Intel Q6600 SLACR

(Not sure what mobo is more suitable, for best value, please advice)

Corsair 620W

OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Reaper CL4 2x2GB 800MHz 4-4-4-15

HIS IceQ Radeon HD 4850

I realised that there's alot of advantages for overclocking Q6600, and I'm wondering what heatsinks or cooling equipments will be good for me to overclock to a reasonably good clocking speed (around 3.5GHz)?

I'm a total newbie in overclocking, some beginner's overclocking advice will be very much appreciated :)
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  1. Getting to 3.5Ghz *3.2 is more reasonable* would require a lucky chip if you're going to be doing air cooling. I'd go for an X48 based motherboard if you have plans for crossfire, otherwise a $120 P45 based board would be fine for single card solutions.

    As for heatsink, the Core-Contact Freezer should be great for reaching high clocks. I like my Ultra 120 Rev. A with a Nexus Fan, but there are plenty of choices. HDT-1283, is another good one.
  2. ^^ second the cpu cooler. Throw in the mounting kit.

    Look into GA-EX48-DS4, Rampage Formula, GA-EP45-DS3 & P5Q PRO.
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