"WARNING: The ATI Control Panel failed...." Solution?

Okay, I've reinstalled (please don't ask why) an EVGA GeForce 7800 GT video card and the drivers and it all works great.

EXCEPT I get the above error message. And I hate error messages. How do I resolve it?

Reinstall the ATI drivers? Or will that mess up my nice EVGA/NVIDIA software installation?

Click the "Don't show this warning again." button? Or is something bad actually happening?

Anyone? Thank you in advance.

P.S. I spoke too soon: In the middle of the desktop, there is a tiny box of grey, about 1 square mm. I don't see this in any application screens. I've tried changing the desktop but the little box remains. Anyone? Thanks more.
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  1. Well it would seem to me that the ATI drivers are not properly uninstalled. Check in Add Remove programs for any left overs and check Program folder for any ATI entries and delete anything that is left over. Or you could just download an drun a driver cleaning APP.

  2. Okay, did that and it seems to have gotten rid of the message (uninstall with Add/Remove and then reinstall).

    However, I still have the little gray square in the middle of my monitor when I'm at the desktop. It only appears on the desktop, not in any applications.
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