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I have a Intel Motherboard (SE7210TPI-E) that has two sata 150 ports on it (both in use one for my boot drive the other for my CD Drive). As I need six ports and preferably sata II 300 I purchased the LSI MegaRaid Sata 300-8x PCI-x Card. However, if I understand it correctly, I cannot just plug a sata drive into the controller and have windows xp automatically detect it. I think it has to be setup in the bios utility.

What I am trying to do is be able to plug any random sata drive into the system and have it recognized automatically by xp. Did I purchase the wrong card or do I need to configure the card a certain way? If I purchased the wrong card does anyone have a suggestion for a hopefully inexpensive card that can accomplish this.....

Thanks for any help in advance, -jmfsms
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  1. First, is the megaraid controller PCI-X or PCI-E? if it's PCI-X you can use a regular 32bit PCI slot. If it's PCI-E then you must plug the card into an available PCI-E slot. Does your motherboard have an open slot for the megaraid card?

    No, you can not just plug a SATA drive into the megaraid card and have XP see it. The megaraid card is, effectively, new hardware and you will need the drivers so XP knows what to do with it.

    After installing the megaraid card and the drivers, you will then need to go into the megaraid's set up utility (BIOS) and configure any SATA drives attached to it; configure whether the SATA drives are JBOD or part of an array.

    I highly recommend that you read the megaraid manual and do some reading on controller cards and raid arrays in general.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the response, any information is useful... The card is pci-x as is the slot on my motherboard which when installed with drivers works just fine as long as you go through it's bios. The manual was not to helpful as I could not find any info on how to use the card as a controller card only from xp and hence I am selling the megaraid card on ebay.

    I purchased a Silicon Image Sil3124A Serial ATA II to PCI-X Host Controller Card which seems to do the trick without having to setup the drives on the host cards bios. I am upset as it does only have 4 ports.

    I would like to purchase another brand card such as an adaptec that has more ports but I am unsure what cards need the drives setup in their bios prior to xp recognizing them....

    If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. -Thanks jmfsms
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